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December 22, 2019Jesus’ death changed life. Because he died there isColossians 2:13-15Rev. T. Roukemamp3
November 24, 2019The gospel encouragement of the hope of life in the fog of death1 Thessalonians 4:13-18Rev. T. Roukemamp3
October 27, 2019The preachers heart for their people displayed1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13Rev. T. Roukemamp3
June 23, 2019The Gospel of knowing your sins and miseryGenesis 6:1-8Rev. T. Roukemamp3
June 23, 2019Growing together in ChristEphesians 4:15-16Rev. T. Roukemamp3
April 28, 2019Faithfulness, trust and peace in the den of lionsDaniel 6:1-28Rev. T. Roukemamp3
February 24, 2019The God of Heaven reveals that His kingdom is coming Daniel 2:29-49Rev. T. Roukemamp3
January 27, 2019Walk with God as exiles in the world knowing the true storyDaniel 1:1-21Rev. T. Roukemamp3
November 25, 2018Seeking and finding rest with the redeemer.Ruth 3:1-18Rev. T. Roukemamp3
September 23, 2018Continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of,2 Timothy 3:14-17Rev. T. Roukemamp3
June 24, 2018Living all of life in Christ your Lord as children and parentsColossians 3:20-21Rev. T. Roukemamp3
June 24, 2018I believe and confess the forgiveness of sinsRev. T. Roukemamp3
May 27, 2018Press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of youPhilippians 3:12-14Rev. T. Roukemamp3
December 24, 2017The Gospel of the TrinityJohn 1:14-34Rev. T. Roukemamp3
December 24, 2017The good news of Jesus announced to JosephMatthew 1:18-25Rev. T. Roukemamp3
September 17, 2017Father, form our hearts and move us to live it out in our lives1 Peter 4:1-19Rev. T. Roukemamp3
September 17, 2017The Conquest Begins With Covenant RenewalJoshua 5:2-12Rev. T. Roukemamp3
August 27, 2017Father, forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtorsEphesians 4:20-5:2Rev. T. Roukemamp3
August 27, 2017God gives his people a memorial to his faithfulnessJoshua 4:19-24Rev. T. Roukemamp3
May 28, 2017God’s vision for goods and gifts within the good and flourishing life.Proverbs 24:30-34Rev. T. Roukemamp3