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March 1, 2020"Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven"Matthew 7:13-29Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
March 1, 2020Exiles with the hope of an eternal inheritance1 Peter 1:3-5Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
February 9, 2020A two-for-one Deal:Mark 2:1-12Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
January 26, 2020The most important part of our thankfulness toward GodLuke 18:1-14Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
January 26, 2020Believing or Calculating?Genesis 16:1-16Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
December 31, 2019My times are in your handPsalm 31:14-41:16Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
December 8, 2019After rescuing Lot from captivity, Abram shows that he wants to live by the blessing of the LORD.Genesis 14:17-24Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
October 20, 2019Worship the LORD according to his Word!Deuteronomy 4:1-31Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
October 20, 2019Redeemed and CalledIsaiah 42:18-43:7Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
September 29, 2019As exiles in the world, live such good lives that unbelievers may glorify God1 Peter 2:1-3:2Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
September 29, 2019The LORD continues his plan of salvation by calling Abram out of HaranGenesis 12:1-5Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
September 15, 2019The two keys of the kingdom of heaven1 Timothy 4:1-8Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
September 15, 2019The first missionary journey begins: Barnabas and Paul on CyprusActs 13:1-12Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
June 30, 2019The holy catholic Christian church: the assembly of the forgivenEphesians 2:11-22Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
June 30, 2019"I can do all things through him who strengthens me"Philippians 4:13Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
June 2, 2019Jesus Christ ascended into heavenActs 1:1-11Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
June 2, 2019Remember Jesus Christ: resurrected and ascended to David's throne!2 Timothy 2:8-9Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
March 3, 2019Our God and Father is the Creator and Upholder.Genesis 50:1-26Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
March 3, 2019The parable of the workers in the vineyard: a parable about the sovereign grace of GodMatthew 20:1-16Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
January 13, 2019With David, we confess that we are conceived and born in sinPsalm 51:1-19Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3