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September 30, 2018The tenth commandment teaches that God claims the totality of our being1 John 1:5-2:6Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
September 30, 2018The upward focus of the church: Paul's exhortation to present ourselves as living sacrifices to GodRomans 12:1-2Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
September 23, 2018Continue in what you have learned and have become convinced of,2 Timothy 3:14-17Rev. T. Roukemamp3
September 16, 2018Buy the truth and do not sell it.Proverbs 23:23Rev. J. Moeskermp3
September 16, 2018The sixth petition of the prayer our Lord taught usMark 14:32-42Rev. J. Moeskermp3
September 9, 2018The ninth commandment: The commandment about oppositesExodus 23:1-9Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
September 9, 2018Paul's instruction about the nature of Scripture in relation to the work of office2 Timothy 3:17-16Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
September 2, 2018The necessity of prayerPsalm 50:1-23Rev. J. Moeskermp3
September 2, 2018Our daily work in God’s KingdomEphesians 6:5-9Rev. J. Moeskermp3
August 26, 2018The forgiveness of sinsMatthew 18:21-35Rev. J. Moeskermp3
August 26, 2018Jesus teaches us to choose the good portionLuke 10:38-42Rev. J. Moeskermp3
August 19, 2018Jesus Christ has delivered us from slavery to material possessionsDeuteronomy 24:5-22Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
August 19, 2018Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousnessLuke 18:9-14Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
August 12, 2018Because we belong to Jesus Christ in body and soul, we must live as temples of the Holy SpiritJohn 2:1-12Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
August 12, 2018Israel worships the LORD at the heart of CanaanJoshua 8:30-35Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
August 5, 2018Entrance into God's rest is guaranteed for all who believeJoshua 2:1-24Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
August 5, 2018The sixth commandment: the commandment of loveMatthew 5:21-26Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
July 29, 2018The fifth commandment: honour those in authority over youProverbs 4:1-27Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
July 29, 2018"The LORD has triumphed gloriously!" Exodus 15:1-21Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
July 22, 2018The Lord of Life calls you to live your confession.John 11:40Pastor Gerrit Bruintjesmp3