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December 2, 2018"And forgive us our debts...": Paul as the example that God forgives.1 Timothy 1:1-20Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
October 7, 2018Everything God created may be received with thanksgiving as God's gifts to us. We receive them as: 1 Timothy 4:4-5Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
November 19, 2017Jesus Christ is the complete and only Saviour!1 Timothy 2:1-7Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
June 18, 2017Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners!1 Timothy 1:15-17Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
February 14, 2016The Fourth Petition: "Give us this Day our Daily Bread"1 Timothy 6:3-21Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
August 31, 2014Everything I need is in Christ Jesus1 Timothy 6:3-21Reading servicemp3
July 14, 2013All who are upward bound will reach the summit!1 Timothy 6:11-16Pastor Doug Vandeburgtmp3
July 7, 2013Godliness with contentment is great gain1 Timothy 6:3-10Pastor Doug Vandeburgtmp3
June 30, 2013As Christians you are called to show honour…1 Timothy 5:17-6:2Pastor Doug Vandeburgtmp3
June 16, 2013The Lord instructs his church to help widows really in need.1 Timothy 5:1-16Pastor Doug Vandeburgtmp3
June 9, 2013A good minister devotes himself to preaching and teaching1 Timothy 4:11-16Pastor Doug Vandeburgtmp3
May 26, 2013Preserving and Promoting Christianity in an age of Confusion and Despair1 Timothy 3:14-16Rev. C. Heibergmp3
May 26, 2013A good minister is needed for the good fight.1 Timothy 4:1-8Pastor Doug Vandeburgtmp3
May 5, 2013To promote God’s work the church needs qualified leaders.1 Timothy 3:1-13Pastor Doug Vandeburgtmp3
April 7, 2013Confident in the gospel we pray and work for all people to be saved.1 Timothy 1:12-20Pastor Doug Vandeburgtmp3
March 17, 2013To fight the good fight requires confidence in the gospel1 Timothy 1:12-20Pastor Doug Vandeburgtmp3
March 10, 2013When teachers miss the goal of love, fight the good fight!Galatians 5:13-25Pastor Doug Vandeburgtmp3
March 3, 2013To fight the good fight is to forbid in the church all teaching contrary to the gospel.1 Timothy 1:1-5Pastor Doug Vandeburgtmp3
October 7, 2012Everything God created is good.1 Timothy 4:1-5Pastor Doug Vandeburgtmp3