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March 18, 2018Our High Priest before the CrossJohn 17:1-24Rev. B. DeJongmp3
March 18, 2018Our Lord God Dwells in His Holy City Zion!Psalm 48:1-14Student Cody Swavingmp3
March 11, 2018Our good worksEphesians 2:1-10Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
March 11, 2018Christ paying the temple tax as our RedeemerMatthew 17:24-27Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
March 4, 2018Christ's teaching that the hold of money on our hearts stands in the way of our salvationMatthew 19:25-26Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
March 4, 2018How are you righteous before God? Only by believing God's gracious gospel!John 3:1-21Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
February 25, 2018Peeling back the layers of false worshipEzekiel 8:1-18Pastor Gerrit Bruintjesmp3
February 18, 2018"I believe a holy catholic Christian church, the communion of saints; the forgiveness of sins."Psalm 87:1-7Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
February 18, 2018"Blessed are the poor in spirit"Matthew 5:3Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
February 11, 2018"I believe in the Holy Spirit"Matthew 10:16-33Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
February 11, 2018Forgive as God has forgiven you!Matthew 18:21-35Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
February 4, 2018 From the Father's right hand, Jesus Christ directs all things toward the completion of the plan of redemption. Christ does so asEphesians 1:1-23Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
February 4, 2018 Faith moves mountains! Regarding this statement of Christ, we note:Matthew 17:19-20Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
January 28, 2018Fighting for joy when you are discouragedRev. W Boschmp3
January 28, 2018Salt and lightMatthew 5:13-16Rev. W Boschmp3
January 21, 2018The Apostle Paul proclaiming the gospel to King AgrippaActs 26:22-29Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
January 21, 2018Christ has ascended!Acts 3:11-26Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
January 14, 2018The benefits of Christ's resurrectionRomans 6:1-14Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
January 14, 2018Love binds everything together perfectlyColossians 3:14Rev. P. Aasmanmp3
January 7, 2018Jesus Christ delivered us from the slavery of deathHebrews 2:5-18Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3