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July 22, 2018The Lord of Life calls you to live your confession.John 11:40Pastor Gerrit Bruintjesmp3
July 22, 2018True Glory: Seeing JesusPastor Gerrit Bruintjesmp3
July 15, 2018The day of rest and worshipJohn 20:19-29Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
July 15, 2018Paul in Athens proclaiming the command to repent and believe in GodActs 17:30-31Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
July 8, 2018The grace of God has appeared for our salvationTitus 2:11-14Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
July 1, 2018Through baptism, Christ promises us the washing we desperately need!Hebrews 9:11-14Guest Preachermp3
July 1, 2018By warning us about hell. Jesus urges us to believe in him and live in his service.Luke 16:19-31Guest Preachermp3
June 24, 2018Living all of life in Christ your Lord as children and parentsColossians 3:20-21Rev. T. Roukemamp3
June 24, 2018I believe and confess the forgiveness of sinsRev. T. Roukemamp3
June 17, 2018Blessed are the MeekPhilippians 2:1-11Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
June 17, 2018To obey is better than sacrifice1 Samuel 15:1-35Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
June 10, 2018No other gods!Isaiah 43:1-28Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
June 10, 2018Blessed are those whose strength is in the LORDPsalm 84:5-7Rev. C. VanderVeldemp3
June 3, 2018The coming to life of the new nature is evidenced by good works1 Thessalonians 1:1-10Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
June 3, 2018Eutychus raised to life: the hope of faith confirmedActs 20:7-12Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
May 27, 2018Press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of youPhilippians 3:12-14Rev. T. Roukemamp3
May 27, 2018Seeing True Glory: Jesus' patience towards doubtersJohn 4:46-54Pastor Gerrit Bruintjesmp3
May 20, 2018Good works as expression of thankfulness to God for redemptionJohn 15:1-17Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
May 20, 2018Guard the good deposit!2 Timothy 1:1-18Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3
May 13, 2018The kingdom of heaven opened and closed by preaching and disciplineHebrews 3:1-13Rev. C.J. Vanderveldemp3